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What makes your review better than other reviews?

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We feel our review program has more to offer such as:

  • An enthusiastic instructor that builds confidence in each student.
  • A personalized learning environment that monitors each student?s progress.
  • Over 300 hours of classroom instruction.
  • A staff that is committed to assisting each student in reaching their potential.
  • A guarantee that provides another full 7 week review with no tuition fee to any student that fails the NCLEX after taking our review.

4.5 Months Review

We have found that 4.5 months is the minimum amount of time required to deliver very high passing rates with internationally trained nurses.

Review is very effective

 The review is very comprehensive and is very effective for students that have had trouble on the NCLEX or that have been away from nursing for many years.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have you pass the test on your next attempt. The majority of the students report passing the test after the minimum 75 questions.

Course Focuses

The review is not designed as a quick memorization of high-yield topics or test questions. Instead, our course focuses on a comprehensive review of clinical nursing concepts and critical-thinking skills.

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