Annual Summer Review Program Aug 2, 2021

The training is geared both for the US NCLEX RN & Canadian NCLEX RN. The upcoming annual review program begins� Aug 4, 2018 . There is limited availability. Please make your registration early. Students have to arrive by Aug 2. The 4.5 month program is from Aug 2 to December 12, 2021. Testing is between December 17-21. Students are recommended to attend the full course review to have a 90% or better chance of passing the exam at 75 questions and schedule their test after the 4.5 month program. Greater than 90% of the students are passing the exam at 75 questions.

Please book one-way tickets to allow for test readiness evaluation.

Please have a valid ATT, pending application, or proper documents to process your application upon arrival. This is a requirement for class registration.

If your ATT eligibility period is only 3 months, (example: New York, Vermont, Illinois, North Carolina) do not send in your NCLEX test fee until you are in the class to avoid an ATT expiration.